2020-21 Improvements and Recommendations

Delivery is now available to adults over the age of 21 in parts of Massachusetts as several of the companies licensed to conduct delivery services have been authorized to begin operations. Previously, delivery was only available to patients even through the COVID pandemic. For now, the state’s emergency COVID provisions remain in place but have not been made permanent.

Massachusetts is among the few states that saw a decline in patient enrollment since our last report with the registry losing about 2,000, or just over 2%, of its patient population.

In 2022, ASA recommends that Massachusetts legislators expand the protections provided under the law for patients. As it stands, employment protections only exist through case law when there should be explicit language in state law to keep employers from wrongfully discriminating against medical cannabis patients. Patients should not face discriminatory roadside sobriety testing. Finally, parental rights of any kind should not be denied based on a person’s status as a patient, so state legislators must create specific legal language to protect them.