2020-21 Improvements and Recommendations

Legislative efforts in the state of Maryland in 2021 remained concentrated on passing comprehensive adult use legislation. After failing again to pass the bill, legislators have decided to follow the example of nearly every other state that has legalized cannabis for adult use by preparing a referendum for the 2022 ballot. The measures that the state put into place to protect patients during COVID remain in place for now but have not been made permanent. Maryland’s patient registry saw steady growth in 2021 with about 17,000 new patient registrations.

ASA recommends that the state of Maryland take greater efforts to reign in the cost of medicine in the state. They can start by licensing more producers to address the inadequate supply. Preferably, the state should enact an open licensing period where anybody can apply to be a cannabis business operator when they are ready; the licensing body can approve acceptable applications on a continuous rolling basis. Legislators should also allow patients and caregivers to grow cannabis at home and explore the option of allowing caregivers to sell third-party tested cannabis products to retailers.