2020-21 Improvements and Recommendations

In June 2021, there was a statewide computer glitch with the state’s track and trace software. The glitch created an error in processing patient data which meant dispensaries couldn’t serve patients without a breach of compliance. The glitch highlights a central issue with the state program in Illinois that forces patients to choose a single dispensary to be their point of access. When this single point of access failed, patients were forced to shop alongside adult use consumers and pay markups on products alongside 30% more in taxes.

Despite major access issues stemming from a computer glitch, 2020-2021 was a period of exceptional growth for Illinois’ patient enrollment. Since our last report, we have seen over 36,000 new patient registrations.

Illinois did not extend delivery or curbside pickup options to patients as a measure to improve access during the COVID pandemic. ASA strongly recommends that state legislators look at the success with which these policies were deployed across the country and consider adding these options for patients to acquire their medicine. We also recommend that the state extend reciprocity measures so that visiting patients have access to medical cannabis products.