Excerpted from ASA's 2022 State of the States Report.

In 2023, ASA recommends that legislators begin focusing on much needed improvements to the medical cannabis program, even if they decide to continue to focus on passing adult-use/recreational use. While ASA does not oppose adult-use/recreational efforts, Delaware policymakers must understand that adult-use/recreational programs and medical cannabis programs are distinct, and should remain distinct in order to better meet the needs of both consumer populations.

In light of the adult-use/recreational policy debate, Delaware should also focus on passing provisions included in ASA’s Medical Cannabis Equity Checklist. ASA also recommends that policymakers allow reciprocity, not limit patients to a single retailer, allow multi-year patient registrations, remove registration fees, and license more retailers across the state to ensure underserved populations and areas have access. Changes like those mentioned will make a big impact on patients and their health in the state.

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