2020-21 Improvements and Recommendations

ASA is disturbed by the direction Colorado policymakers have chosen to take in amending cannabis laws. ASA recomm emergency session be called to issue an immediate repeal of HB 1317 before it devastates the state’s patient populatio creates a crisis of access. If legislators and regulators are genuinely confused about what will work to improve the qual for patients, they should create an advisory council of physicians and patients that can help them understand the issu

If state legislators want to continue improving conditions for patients in 2022, they should seek to address the gaps th in protecting patient civil rights. As it stands, based solely on their status as a patient, an individual in Colorado can stil custody of their children and their job; they can also be discriminated against in the case of organ transplants and unf roadside sobriety tests. Additionally, although patients cannot be denied housing based on their status, individual lea prevent them from dosing in the comfort of their own home. Landlords should not be allowed to keep a patient from medicine safely in their own home.