Police training to learn how to check for sobriety ahead of recreational marijuana becoming legal

By Barry Simms for WBALTV11

WOODLAWN, Md. — Police officers in Maryland are undergoing training to learn new methods to check for sobriety.

Impaired not by alcohol, but by cannabis: Police and others have concerns about more impaired drivers getting into cars and hitting the road.

So, before the legalization of recreational marijuana takes effect on July 1 in Maryland, Baltimore County police officers are taking part in special training.

In a controlled environment in Woodlawn, medical cannabis patients smoking marijuana are monitored as they undergo sobriety tests to determine use and whether they are impaired. The medical cannabis users, workplace safety professionals and police officers are learning from each other about the signs and symptoms of impairment.

"The point is to get you intoxicated, but with these workshops, I think they are seeing not everybody is getting intoxicated," said Aaron Shepherd, with the Maryland branch of Americans For Safe Access.

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