Becoming a Caregiver, Producer, or Provider in Pennsylvania

Under the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program, the state will authorize up to 150 dispensaries. There are currently 14 statewide dispensaries that patients can go too, and Pennsylvania is in Phase II, currently accepting applications for providers. As Pennsylvania continues to accept and review Phase II applications, it is important to closely review the instructions provided by the Department of Health.

Instructions for and detailed information about Phase I applicants is available here. 

According to the DOH, to become a dispensary, an organization must be awarded a permit by the state, submit permit application fees $5,000 (non-refundable), a permit fee of $30,000 (which is refundable if the permit is not granted), and proof of $150,000 in capital. Growers and dispensaries must undergo a background check and complete a two-hour training course if their application is approved. 

Pennsylvania provides a checklist for a dispensary to become operational detailing permitting requirements, dispensary location restrictions, training, certification, and other areas of assessment.