Patients' Rights Project

The Patients’ Rights Project (PRP) provides direct support and guidance to those using and providing medical cannabis and uses advocacy, media outreach and the courts to expand their rights. Legal patients and providers suffer pervasive discrimination in employment, child custody, housing, public accommodation, education, and medical care. Too often, patients must choose to break outdated or unworkable state laws that do not allow legal access. Furthermore, all medical cannabis patients and their providers must still violate federal law.

In This Section

The Medical Cannabis Advocate's Training Center

ASA believes that good policy is created when those who are most affected are at the table. ASA has always been committed to demystifying political systems and providing advocates the tools they need to participate in the processes in a meaningful way.

State Law Implementation

ASA follows the implementation of regulations and laws in cities and states, as well as law enforcement encounters. Tracking this information enables ASA to identify the need for advocacy and impact litigation.

Support POWs

Take a minute to write a short note on this holiday. Your comments mean the world to someone unjustly convicted and jailed for medical cannabis. You will feel great about it, and you will make someone’s day when they know you thought of them.