No Patient Left Behind

In March 2020, Americans for Safe Access launched their No Patient Left Behind campaign to address issues patients were facing around the country regarding access to medical cannabis. While 47 states, the District of Columbia, and four U.S. territories have all adopted laws allowing some forms of medical cannabis, the current patchwork of state laws mean that each state has different legislative and regulatory conditions for access.  

While the majority of Americans live in a jurisdiction that recognizes cannabis’ medical potential, millions of people who should be able to obtain and use cannabis for medical purposes still find themselves without access to it, including:

  • Federal employees
  • Veterans
  • People in jurisdictions with restrictive lists of qualifying conditions
  • Employees subject to drug testing in jurisdictions that don’t provide employment protections for medical cannabis patients
  • Patients in treatment or hospice centers
  • School-age minors in some medical cannabis jurisdictions
  • Patients who need to travel across state lines
  • People living in underserved areas
  • People living in poverty
  • Minor qualifying patients whose educational institutions don’t permit them to consume their medication on-campus
  • People on organ transplant lists where explicit patient protections are not written into law

As the patchwork of cannabis laws in the United States continues to evolve, action must be taken to ensure that no patient is left behind. Laws must be changed to expand medical cannabis access to the extent possible, ensure that patients are prioritized with regard to access to product and quality of product, and otherwise protect medical cannabis patients.

If you support our efforts to leave no patient behind please take a few moments to learn about our Office of Medical Cannabis Control legislation, contact your lawmakers using our online tool, share your experiences with being left behind as a medical cannabis patient, publicly endorse the campaign, and support our work by making a donation.

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Biden-Harris Can Do It!

As medical cannabis advocates, we are seizing the first 100 days of the new Biden-Harris Administration as an opportunity to influence medical cannabis polices and mobilize our movement to pass comprehensive federal legislation in the 117th congress.

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Our proposed federal legislation will deschedule cannabis and create an Office of Medical Cannabis Control, resolving the state-federal conflict.

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