Making Your Campaign Plan How will you make safe and legal access to medical cannabis a reality in your community

California law now requires that applicants for a state medical cannabis license also obtain a license, permit, or authorization from the city or county in which they operate or propose to operate. While some cities and counties already allow for medical cannabis activity, most have no rules or prohibit medical cannabis businesses outright. Patients and industry players who want to bring safe and legal access to communities where it is not already allowed will need a campaign plan.

A campaign plan is simply a plan to achieve a desired goal, including the steps you need to take, timelines, strategies, resources needed, and other details. Before you can make your campaign plan, you will need to know some basic information and choose one of several pathways to adopting (or repealing) a local ordinance. ASA recommends you gather the information you need to make a decision about the best pathway, and then discuss it with other local stakeholders before settling on a plan. This is important because you want other stakeholders to have input and buy into the plan. It is always best if all the stakeholders in a community are cooperating to create safe and legal access.

You cam learn many of the skills you need to do strategic planning, build coalitions, and organize public meetings in ASA’s online Medical Cannabis Advocates Training Center. This comprehensive resource for community organizers is free.

Follow the links below or to the right to explore preliminary questions, choosing a pathway, and writing a campaign plan.

In This Section

Preliminary Questions

These are some questions you need to answer before deciding on the most appropriate pathway to a new ordinance in your city or county.

Pathways to a New Local Ordinance

There are three primary pathways to adopting a new medical cannabis licensing ordinance in a city or county: a new ordinance, a voter initiative, or a voter referendum.

Write Your Campaign Plan

Now that you figured out the rules for medical cannabis in your community (if any) and decided on a pathway, it is time to make a campaign plan. Your plan can be detailed or simple. This will depend on your skills, available resources, and the size of your team.