Kettle Falls Five in the News

Pot growers face charges -- in state where pot is legal

Jolie Lee, USA Today: Five people are in Washington state are facing marijuana charges -- in a state where marijuana is legal.

Feds Prosecute Medical Marijuana Patients While Tolerating Commercial Cannabis—All In The Same City

Jacob Sullum, Forbes: Sean Green grows marijuana at 1919 East Francis Avenue in Spokane, about six miles from the courthouse where the federal government plans to try Larry Harvey, a 70-year-old retired truck driver, for growing marijuana.

Medical Marijuana Case Pits Federal Government Against State Law (VIDEO)

Dylan Wohlenhaus, KHQ News Spokane: 5 people in Kettle Falls are being accused of maintaining a drug operation and manufacturing marijuana after federal agents raided their home in 2013. The group calls themselves "The Kettle Falls 5" and they are set to go to trial in July in federal court in Spokane.

‘Kettle Falls 5’ case tests marijuana laws

Jim Camden, The Spokesman-Review: Washington state’s permissive marijuana laws have been on a collision course with the federal government’s total ban for years.

Feds seek prison for rural Washington pot growers

Nicholas Geranios, Associated Press: The green-cross storefronts of medical marijuana dispensaries are common in much of Washington, and the state is plowing ahead with licensing people to grow and sell recreational pot to adults.

Kettle Falls Five open up pot grow that might land them in prison (VIDEO)

Ian Cull, KXLY News Spokane: The Kettle Falls 5 are a group of people the federal government is charging with growing and intending to distribute marijuana and they gave KXLY an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the former pot grow that could land them in prison.

As Washington Hands Out Pot Licenses, Feds Keep Prosecuting Medical-Marijuana Growers

Nina Shapiro, Seattle Weekly: Living on the side of a mountain nine miles north of the eastern Washington town of Colville, Larry Harvey and Rhonda Firestack-Harvey grow and hunt as much of their food as possible.

These Washington Medical Marijuana Growers Are Still Being Prosecuted By The Feds

Nicole Flatow, ThinkProgress: More than six months ago, the U.S. Department of Justice once again changed its position on marijuana. In the wake of Washington and Colorado laws legalizing recreational marijuana and the proliferation of medical laws, the agency that oversees federal prosecutors called on its U.S.

Judge: Medical Marijuana Necessity Defense Doesn’t Apply In Federal Court

Katie Rucke, MintPress News: Five medical marijuana patients from Washington state won’t be able to use the state’s medical marijuana legalization laws or say they are medical marijuana patients during their federal trial for cultivation and possession of marijuana that is expected to begin in Spokane, Wash., on Monday.

Elderly Medical Marijuana User Facing Prison Joins Congressmen in Push to Block Feds

Steven Nelson, U.S. News & World Report: Days before his federal trial begins in Spokane, wheelchair-bound medical marijuana user Larry Harvey, 70, joined members of Congress to support legislation that would block federal law enforcement efforts against people who use pot as medicine.

Feds Prosecute Medical Marijuana Users in Washington City Where Cannabusinesses Openly Operate

Jacob Sullum, Two months ago, the Washington State Liquor Control Board gave Sean Green, CEO of Kouchlock Productions, a license to grow up to 21,000 square feet of marijuana for the state's newly legal recreational market.

Kettle Falls Five case could impact Wash. marijuana industry (VIDEO)

Ian Cull, KXLY News Spokane: A federal case that could seriously impact Washington's new marijuana industry will be decided in Spokane as five people face decades in prison for growing medical pot on a remote property near Colville.