Kentucky Medical Marijuana Laws and Regulations

In 2014, the Kentucky legislature passed SB 124 and revised the definition of “marijuana” under state law to create legal protection for patients who use (1) a cannabidiol (CBD) medicine pursuant to the written order of “a physician practicing at a hospital or associated clinic affiliated with a Kentucky public university having a college or school of medicine” or (2) a drug or substance approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration for the use of participants participating in a clinical trial or an expanded access program.

The law does not create a production or distribution model within Kentucky, so patients with a qualifying Kentucky physician’s recommendation can only obtain their medicine by traveling to a medical cannabis state that both has production of CBD medicines and would recognize a Kentucky physician’s order as valid. States that offer reciprocity for medical cannabis patients who are not residents typically require a valid medical cannabis registry ID card, which Kentucky does not currently offer.


SB 124 (2014)