June 2011: Think Globally, Act Locally!

Many patients in California enjoy regular, safe access to medical cannabis. That is a victory; however, hundreds of thousands of patients and providers across the state still struggle daily with the issue of access. If you happen to live in one of the areas where access is still a problem, remember that Americans for Safe Access is here to help!

Local regulations govern much of our daily lives, ranging from whether or not our potholes have been fixed to how, where, and when we can access the medicine our physicians have recommended. Even if you have never participated in local government before, if you find yourself in an area without access, it is time to get involved! If your area has a moratorium, ban, or no regulations related to Medical Cannabis Dispensing Collectives (dispensaries), you hold the power to change it! Get to know the structure of your City Council and Board of Supervisors, attend a meeting, find out who might be a champion, ally, or supporter. Use ASA’s Policy Shop & Activist Training Center to determine a course of action. Legal dispensaries don’t just fall from the sky, they are the work of citizens just like you who worked hard to change their local regulations.

And, finally, if you live in an area that has dispensaries, keep in mind that federal law completely bans the use of cannabis, and if a patient or provider is charged with possession, manufacture, or distribution of marijuana in federal court, they WILL NOT be allowed to mention their illness or their state’s medical cannabis laws during trial, and may end up serving long sentences in federal prison. Call your Congressional Representative AND both of your Senators and let them know that you support the three medical cannabis bills introduced by Representatives Frank, Polis, and Stark; urge your Representative to co-sponsor the bill, and ask that your Senators introduce matching language in the Senate. Help us work toward eliminating the need for monthly legal tips by supporting changing our cities’, counties’, and federal government’s unjust medical cannabis laws!

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