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A note from Americans for Safe Access

Americans for Safe Access is the largest organization of patients, medical professionals, scientists, attorneys and concerned citizens promoting safe and legal access to cannabis. We engage a multifaceted strategy of public education, impact litigation, grassroots development and advocacy, media campaigns, and direct  support. ASA’s legal hotline fields approximately 300 calls a week from individuals caught in the legal system. ASA strives to identify legal solutions and opportunities  to support the work of implementing state medical cannabis laws and address the conflict between state and federal marijuana laws.

"I receive many patient inquiries through the ASA Legal Team. I have been able to help them with everything from landlord-tenant disputes to police misconduct. It's a great way to be of service to the medical cannabis community."
Attorney Lauren Vazquez, California

Join our Legal Team


ASA’s Legal Team consists of outstanding attorneys who are committed to assisting those fighting for safe and legal access to marijuana.  This carefully crafted membership program allows our staff to refer our members to attorneys in the field as well as create a platform for collegiate communication and support.  Members of the ASA Legal Team can choose to participate in ASA projects and programs by signing up to volunteer in various areas of interest including: communications and publications, legal education, policy work, Amicus Curiae, and more!


The Legal Team Membership Program will:

  • Broaden our relationships with patients across the country
  • Develop a plan for impact litigation in every state that recognizes a patient’s right to use medical marijuana
  • Create resources for public defenders and defense lawyers
  • Create a referral list for medical patients nationwide
  • Support ASA’s Federal Advocacy Project & Policy Shop
  • Become the voice of the movement to the legal community, publishing interpretations of cases and weighing in on important cases.

Benefits include:

  1. Legal Team-only ASA staff referrals from incoming calls and Internet inquiries
  2. Join nationwide list serve of attorneys working on medical cannabis
  3. Access to our medical cannabis brief bank
  4. Discounts on ASA Continuing Legal Education courses
  5. Updates on medical cannabis cases
  6. Listing on ASA’s Legal Referral webpage
  7. Discounts on advertising in ASA publications and on the ASA website
  8. Plug into ASA legal committees


  1. $250 annual fee (free for public defenders) 
  2. Offer discount services for ASA members

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