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Normal price - $6000 unlimited CCC Patient Education access for 1 year

Today only - $2500 unlimited CCC Patient Education access for 1 year


What is the Cannabis Care Certification Patient Education Program

Americans for Safe Access Foundation (ASA) and The Answer Page, Inc. (TheAnswerPage.com) created the Cannabis Care Certification (CCC) Patient Education Program to provide unbiased quality education for individuals who are starting or considering cannabis therapeutics as a part of their health care regime. The program also provides guidance for family members, caregivers, and anyone interested in exploring medical cannabis. Similar to any medical therapy, it is important that patients and their medical professionals have a thorough understanding of when cannabis is an appropriate option, as well as the treatment effects, the best practices, and the legal landscape for medical cannabis.

Why Choose CCC?

  • Meet State Requirements

Most state medical cannabis programs require Medical Cannabis Distribution Centers offer their clients educational materials about state and federal laws, as well as the effects, side effects, and efficacy of medicinal cannabis. CCC was designed to meet these state requirements.  

  • Increase Your Market

The CCC program also provides medical professionals information about legally recommending cannabis to their patients. More well informed doctors, mean more patients.

  • Educate Your Patients

When patients are informed and educated on the different varieties, forms of administration, and dosage options, they are more likely to try new products.

  • Educate Your Staff

Staff that are properly educated and trained are able to provide better customer service and make patients feel comfortable so that they have a positive experience.


The CCC Patient Education Program Includes:

  • Unlimited free access to the CCC patient education program 
  • Brochure with state-specific laws (guarantees every patient leaves with the laws in their hand)
  • Information for doctors about the CCC Medical Professional CME program
  • Monthly reports on number of patients using the service from your dispensary
  • Staff training (unlimited access to CCC for all your staff)
  • Company logo on the CCC website (as an ASA recommended dispensary)
  • Social media marketing, letting our members know where they can find this free education

How It Works:

  1. Sign up and pay today for the Patient and Caregiver Education Program
  2. Receive a PDF of our CCC brochure, with company-specific coupon code that all you patients and staff can use
  3. Print brochures as needed
  4. Hand out to all patients, and use to promote your organization
  5. ASA will send you a monthly report of clients and staff that have completed the training


What Your Patients Receive:

An overview of local laws, an information page to hand to their doctor, an 86 page patient’s guide, and access to 2.5 hours of educational videos that review dosage and titration, understanding labeling, transporting medicine safely, and more.

Videos include:

  • The Endocannabinoid System
  • Cannabis 101
  • Cannabis Research and Clinical Data
  • Cannabis-Based Medicines
  • Choosing Your Medicine: Potency, Delivery Methods, and Dosage
  • Obtaining Your Medicine
  • Safely Using, Storing and Transporting Medical Cannabis
  • Medical Cannabis in Your Life
  • History of Medical Cannabis

All participants receive a certificate when they complete the courses. Check out the Cannabis Care Certification website for more information. 


*this deal is for today only, all payments for the year must be made today



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