The Facts:

 The 45th President is Sworn In

AG Sessions is Confirmed  

The 115th Congress is Seated

7 New Senators, 52 Representatives

The CJS Amendment (Rohrabacher-Farr) Expires April 28th, 2017  

The Plan:

Ensure that the 115th Congress and the 45th President’s Administration know what 89% of Americans, 44 states, and millions of patients and their medical professionals know… It is time to end the State-Federal conflict on medical cannabis once and for all.

ASA has created the Medical Cannabis Briefing Book as a definitive source for policy makers and regulators on medical cannabis issues. (If you haven’t had a chance to see this amazing resources click here.) Now we need your help to make sure that we can get a copy of this resource into every federal representative’s hands.  

The Ask:

Please consider making a special donation today to help us print and deliver the Medical Cannabis Briefing Book before February 21st!

The "HUGE" supporter level-One time $45 donation: ASA will hand deliver a briefing book to your representative and Senators’ DC offices 

The "BIGLY" supporter level-One time $115 donation: ASA will hand deliver a briefing book to your representative, Senators’ DC offices, and send you 3 copies to take to your local offices.

Or be "SUPER CLASSY" supporter and give as much as you like! 

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