Being a Good Neighbor

A common cause of trouble for both patients and caregivers is complaints from neighbors. This problem might manifest itself in the form of an unpleasant personal confrontation or the neighbors may report concerns about nuisance and safety to landlords or police. Subsequent investigations can lead to the arrest of patients and caregivers.

Neighbors and nearby businesses may or may not share your opinion about medical cannabis, but they will be much more likely to respect your right to safe access if you are not causing them problems. By being conscious of neighbors' rights, privacy, and property, patients can establish and maintain harmonious relationships.

Other issues with your neighbors can lead to law enforcement encounters. Domestic disputes, loud music, illegal parking, barking dogs, and other nuisances should be kept to a minimum. Police are required to investigate these reports and they will come to your location. When neighbors complain to law enforcement, citations or criminal charges for nuisance violations can be difficult to deal with, and investigation into these types of charges may lead to charges related to your medical cannabis use. Being a good neighbor can help you avoid these types of encounters.