Becoming a Caregiver Producer or Provider in New Hampshire


A patient may designate a single caregiver to assist with obtaining and using medical marijuana.  A designated caregiver must be at least twenty-one (21) years old and cannot have a prior felony conviction. A registered caregiver with a valid registry ID card may assist with up to five (5) qualifying patients. If both the caregiver and qualifying patients live more than 50 miles from an “alternative treatment center” licensed to dispense medical cannabis, the designated caregiver may assist up to nine (9) patients.  Caregivers’ activities are limited to transporting medicine from licensed centers and assisting with administration. Until New Hampshire begins issuing registry ID cards, there are no legal protections for patients or caregivers.


Cannabis must be obtained by the patient or registered caregiver from one of four “Alternative Treatment Centers” licensed by the state to dispense cannabis to patients. The current ATCs are located in Dover, Merrimack, Lebanon and Plymouth.. There is a list available on the Health Department’s website.