Becoming a Caregiver, Producer or Provider in Hawai'i


Patients may designate a caregiver to assist with acquiring, cultivating and using medical cannabis.[1]   A designated caregiver may cultivate a total of seven (7) live marijuana plants, regardless of the stage of maturity.[2] Primary caregivers must register with the Department of Health.[3]  Every primary caregiver can only care for one qualifying patient at any given time.[4] After December 31, 2018, no primary caregiver shall be authorized to cultivate marijuana for any qualifying patient.[5]


The Director of Health shall grant medical marijuana dispensary licenses to allow dispensaries to produce, manufacture and dispense marijuana and manufactured marijuana pursuant to Haw. Rev. Stat. § 329D et. seq. Each medical marijuana dispensary license shall allow production, manufacture and dispensing of marijuana and manufactured products only in the county for which the license is granted.[6]

Dispensaries may begin to dispense medical marijuana as early as July 15, 2016 with approval from the Department of Health.[7] However, eight licensed dispensaries have not opened because state officials have yet to complete inspections of the facilities. 

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