Becoming a Caregiver, Grower, or Dispensary in Maryland


Caregivers may be appointed by a patient, and cannot care for more than five qualifying patients.  Caregivers must be at least 21 years old and may be a family member of the patient.  Caregivers will also be required to submit an application through the Commission’s website.  A patient may designate up to two persons as caregivers.

The Commission is currently working on posting patient and caregiver registration forms on their website prior to the expected availability of medical cannabis in Maryland-licensed dispensaries. It is recommended that you monitor the Commission website for updates.


Cannabis may be grown by Maryland-licensed growers.  Currently the Commission is reviewing Stage 1 applications, which were submitted as of the November 2015 deadline by prospective growers.  These applications are being reviewed and ranked based on the criteria set forth in the regulations.  The Commission will then vote on pre-approvals for licenses.  Once applications are pre-approved, prospective licensees will need to finalize a location for their facility, obtain local zoning and planning approvals, begin construction and hire and train staff.  

During Stage 2, the facilities will be inspected to confirm that the requirements of the regulations and approved application are met.  Upon completion of the inspection, final licenses will be granted and licensees can begin cultivating and producing medical cannabis.

It is recommended that you monitor the Commission website for any updates.


Cannabis may only be distributed by Maryland-licensed dispensaries.  Potential dispensary operators must submit an application for a license in each Senatorial district in which the applicant is seeking a license.  Applications will be reviewed by the Commission and its review team based on the criteria set forth in the regulations. 

Dispensaries may distribute medical cannabis in processed form or dried flower, and will be permitted to supply paraphernalia to administer the medical cannabis.  Dispensaries may also offer delivery services to patients.