The Lindeen Family

I became passionate about medical cannabis when I saw remarkable results in treating my son Zach’s severe refractory epilepsy with it. He went from sleeping most of every day, barely speaking or comprehending being spoken to, having a life filled with seizures, to being alert, interactive, and seizure free for most of the year. My passion drove me to pursue a Master’s degree in Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics and to conceptualize the ASA Challenge/AirShred for ASA as a part of my efforts to raise the funds that Americans for Safe Access needs to continue it’s important advocacy work.

Unfortunately, Zach still experiences very difficult relapses for a few months out of every year. As a result, Zach has missed trick or treating with friends, Christmas mornings, birthdays, water sports and activities, tons of school and extracurricular activities, and all of the friendships and confidence that comes with these restrictions. Zach is not a candidate for surgery, because his epilepsy is both multifocal and generalized. He has exhausted countless medications, with each new medication only carrying a 2% chance that it will improve his prognosis.

This disorder doesn’t just affect Zach, though. His older brother bears an unfair burden of concern for his brother’s well-being. His disorder causes financial and emotional stress on the family. His teachers, young friends and their families have expressed that this is something that is very emotionally difficult for them to witness on a regular basis. His life touches so many and he is not alone.

How many children who are struggling with diseases and disorders that currently have little or no effective treatment protocols could be helped by medical cannabis? With more than 160 novel cannabinoids, both major and minor, that have little, or no drug discovery work or other research having been done, how many cures are we leaving under lock and key? When will our
families’ circumstances and our children’s urgent needs be recognized as a legislative priority? When will they get a fair shot at life because we are willing to explore new boundaries?

In order to give Zach, and all of the other current and potential medical cannabis patients the best chance at life and all that it has to offer, we need access to research which will help us to understand how best to medicate with cannabis. We need the type of research and funding for research that will only come from moving cannabis from Schedule I. Americans for Safe Access has been working towards this for 20 years. We need your help to see it through, through whatever you are able to give.