ASA Monthly Activist Newsletters

May 042015

ASA Activist Newsletter - May 2015

In this Issue

  • Veterans Equal Access Amendment Vote Shows Progress
  • New House Bill Would Recognize State Programs
  • DEA Head Resigns during Sex Scandal
  • CNN Special Shows Barriers to Medical Cannabis Research
  • Washington State Undermines Patient Access
  • New York Opens 30-Day Window for Applications
  • Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Bill Clears Senate Committee
  • California Citizen Lobby Day, June 14-15
  • ACTIVIST PROFILE: Pennsylvania Campaign for Compassion
  • ACTION ALERT: Tell Obama to Fix the DEA
Apr 082015

ASA Activist Newsletter - Apr 2015

In this Issue

  • Historic Bipartisan Medical Cannabis Bills in Congress
  • ASA National Unity Conference Draws Advocates to DC
  • International Medical Cannabis Patient Coalition Formed
  • Georgia  Enacts Medical Cannabis Bill
  • Judge Rejects Effort to Imprison Kettle Falls Five
  • ASA Excellence Awards Recognize Achievements
Mar 072015

ASA Activist Newsletter - Mar 2015

In This Issue:

  • Kettle Falls Five Acquitted on 4 of 5 Charges
  • New Bipartisan Bill Focuses on Safe Access for Veterans
  • Virginia 12th State to Enact CBD-only Law
  • Many States Considering Medical Cannabis Bills
  • California Bill to End Transplant Denials for Cannabis Patients
  • Washington State Lawmakers Consider New Regulations
  • Executive Branch Pressured to Reschedule Cannabis
  • ASA Chapter Profile: Safe Access Virginia
  • ASA National Unity Conference March 27-31
Feb 052015

ASA Activist Newsletter - Feb 2015

In this Issue:

  • Washington State Lobby Day Draws Hundreds
  • Motion for dismissal for Kettle Falls Five
  • Pediatricians Call for Research, Rescheduling, Access
  • Illinois Announces Scores of Medical Cannabis Permits
  • Israel Holds Cannabis Tech Conference
  • Pomo Nation First Tribe to Grow Medical Cannabis
  • ASA Touts Unity Conference in USA Today Ad
Jan 062015

ASA Activist Newsletter - 2014 Year in Review

ASA’s 2014 Year in Review

  • Federal Ceasefire in Medical Cannabis States
  • States Pass or Implement Cannabis Access Laws
  • ASA Report Reveals Limitations of Current State Laws
  • Landmark Cannabis Business Guidelines Released, Certification Program Launched
  • Federal Supply of Research Cannabis Increased
  • ASA Conference Brings Citizen Lobbyists to Capitol
  • Save $100 - Register for Unity 2015 today!
Dec 032014

ASA Activist Newsletter - Dec 2014 -

In this Issue

  • New Bill to Allow VA Doctors to Recommend
  • Distribution Plans Move Forward in Minnesota, New Hampshire, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Maryland, Rhode Island and Connecticut 
  • Activist Profile: Patrick Seifert, Olympia, Washington
  • ACTION ALERT: Unity 2015
Nov 112014

ASA Activist Newsletter - Nov 2014

In This Issue

  • Vote Medical Marijuana Campaign a Success
  • Chapter Profile: Nevada County ASA Chapter
  • Florida Amendment 2 Garners Strong Majority
  • Cannabis Measures Pass in Oregon, Alaska, DC
  • Federal Court Hears Evidence on Cannabis Classification
  • Seattle Seeks to Close Medical Cannabis Businesses
  • DEA Raids Established LA Dispensary
  • ACTION ALERT: Register Now for Unity 2015!
Oct 122014

ASA Activist Newsletter - Oct 2014

In This Issue

  • New York Wants Federal Waiver for CBD
  • Patients and Industry Win in Nevada
  • Penn. Senate Approves Medical Cannabis Bill
  • Local Measures Dominate California Ballot
  • ASA Unity 2015 Conference
  • Activist Profile: Kelly Sachs, Florida
  • Action Alert:
Sep 042014

ASA Activist Newsletter - Sept 2014

In this Issue:

  • CNN Report on Kettle Falls 5 Airs Tonight
  • ASA Runs Ad about NFL Players
  • California Lobby Day Yields Results
  • DC Empowers Doctors to Decide Eligibility
  • First Connecticut Dispensaries open
  • Action Alert: Plan Your Trip to DC
Aug 052014

ASA Activist Newsletter - August 2014


  • As New York Enacts Bill, ASA Issues Analysis of State Laws
  • National Medical Cannabis Manufacturing Guidelines Issued
  • Landmark House Vote on Medical Cannabis Banking
  • House CBD-Only Bill Introduced
  • Chapter Profile: Michigan ASA