What is an ASA Affiliate?

ASA Affiliates are like-minded groups and organizations who choose to work on ASA campaigns in their regions. ASA Affiliates work with ASA on regional and national campaigns for safe access. 

  • Affiliates must be an incorporated entity and have at least 5 current members of ASA as associates of their organization.
  • Hold at least one joint fundraiser with ASA.
  • Participate in bi-annual reciprocal membership drive.
  • Promote ASA activities.
  • Support the Affiliate Statement of Principles

The ASA Affiliate Statement of Principles

    1. Support Safe Access. ASA Affiliates agree to support and participate in ASA campaigns to expand safe access to medical marijuana.
    2. Community Respect. ASA Affiliates treat organizations and individuals in the medical marijuana movement with respect. ASA Affiliates seek to resolve any disputes with other activists or organizations in a calm and respectful manner.
    3. Monthly Involvement. ASA Affiliates participate in ASA conference calls and organizing activities to stay networked with ASA and abreast of key developments in the fight for safe access.

How do we become an ASA Affiliate?

To apply to be an ASA Affiliate complete the Affiliation Agreement and email to [email protected]

In your email, include your name, contact information, organizational name, and description. Please state in your email that you are applying to be an ASA Affiliate, and that you endorse the ASA Affiliate Statement of Principles above.