At Americans for Safe Access (ASA), we believe that medical cannabis patients and their care providers must have a voice, invested interest, and ownership in the development of the laws and regulations that impact their health and safety. Through listening to their needs, empowering their belief in political change, and working beside them to implement practical solutions, ASA has been able to make real progress toward our mission.

Collective action is the key to creating meaningful change. By getting involved, you can play a vital role in advancing our mission of ensuring access to cannabis for therapeutic use and research. Whether you're a patient, advocate, healthcare professional, or concerned citizen, you can contribute to our cause in many ways.

Advocacy can be intimidating but its YOUR experiences with medical cannabis that will make you a powerful advocate, you can learn the rest. Since 2002, ASA has been empowering advocates to participate in campaigns and projects that are shaping the future of medical cannabis.  ASA’s Advocacy Resources Center is designed to give you the tools and training you need to join us in our journey to  make safe access a reality for everyone who needs it.