If you are reading this, consider yourself challenged!

Air Shred for ASA is a grassroots campaign created to increase awareness of the need for safe and legal access to medical cannabis and to bring attention back to the patient. Join now by donating $10 to Americans for Safe Access and by nominating 3 people to join the challenge.

The ASA Air Shred challenge is for individuals, companies, groups of friends, families, etc. You can shred in any way you want. Just say "I just donated to ASA at SafeAccessNow.org. I challenge these 4 people to air shred for ASA. This is how I shred." Post your ASA Challenge video on (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) to keep this challenge going! Include a link to donate at SafeAccessNow.org/ASAChallenge AND use the hashtag #ASAChallenge, so we can find your video! And don't forget to donate $10 to support our work for patients 

Learn how to do the #ASAChallenge with Bri Smith

We want this to spread, so limit use of the words "cannabis" or anything similar to avoid take downs. No posting of medication, medicating, or paraphernalia in the videos please. It's so important that our voices are heard. So many lives depend on this medicine!

Learn about our Founding ASA Challengers!

Thanks for participating in our Airshred for ASA event!

We appreciate you shredding to express your pride and support of a medical cannabis patient in your life.

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