Week of February 5, 2018

February 08, 2018 | Marissa Valeri

This Week's Volunteer NeedsVirtual_Volunteer_Meeting.png

Please comment below if you are interested in helping, or if you have completed any of the following:

  1. Get the word out about Unity 2018!
  2. Ask your local dispensary if they are Patient Focused Certification (PFC) certified or if they offer Cannabis Care Certification (CCC).
    • Leave a comment below if you hear back from any dispensary that they are certified in either PFC or CCC. 

  3. We need help creating a few PowerPoint presentations based on information we have on our website.
    • If you are familiar with PowerPoint, and interested in helping with this project, please email Marissa at marissa@safeaccessnow.org

  4. Print out Medical Cannabis as a Tool to Combat Pain and Opioid Crisis book and deliver to your state legislators
  5. Call, write, and tweet your federal legislators and ask them to 1) protect the CJS medical marijuana amendment and 2) co-sponsor the CARERS Act
  6. Email our Cannabis Care Certification introductory webinar to your healthcare practitioner(s)

  7. Recruit 2 other members by telling them about the End Pain Not Lives campaign

  8. Become an ASA member if you are not one already!

Join our next meeting on February 12, 7pm ET/5pm PT!

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