Virginia's Medical Marijuana Laws

In February of 2015 Gov. McAuliffe signed into law HB1445/SB1235 which extended an affirmative legal defense to patients who use CBD or THCA extracts with the written certification of a doctor. The law does not establish a distribution system within the commonwealth meaning that patients are forced to travel elsewhere to legally acquire their medicine. Those legal protections do not extend to preventing arrest and only apply to extracts which are either greater than 15% CBD and less than 5% THC or greater than 15% THC-A and less than 5% THC.

On Feb. 16, 2016, the Senate passed SB 701, which would further expand the program to allow for instate production and access to low-THC extracts. The bill is currently before the House.


HB 1445/SB1235 (2015)

SB 701 (2016)

Written Certification:

Certification for the use of Cannabidiol Oil or THC-A Oil