Recommending Cannabis in Hawaii

The DOH Medical Marijuana Registry Program is a Registration Program.

  1. A physician/APRN must certify in writing that in the physician’s professional opinion the qualifying patient has a debilitating medical condition and the potential benefits of the medical use of marijuana would likely outweigh the health risks for the qualifying patient.
  2. Qualifying patients (and their primary caregivers if they have one) shall register with the department of health, and the department of health shall issue to the qualifying patient a registration certificate (the 329 Card).
  3. The department of health must provide access to registry information to law enforcement for official law enforcement purposes.

DOH recommends that all potentially qualifying patients begin the discussion of whether or not medical marijuana is the right treatment option for their condition with the physician/APRN that is currently treating them for that condition.

  • All certifying physicians must have a valid Hawaii Medical License number and a valid Hawaii Controlled Substance License number.
  • All certifying APRNs must have a valid RN license number and a valid Hawaii Controlled Substance License number.

More Information:

DOH Registration page for physicians