Professional Training

PFC industry trainings are co-produced with the Cannabis Training Institute (CTI).  Such trainings are mandatory in some states such as DC, MA, NV, CT, and AZ and for businesses seeking PFC certification.  Certificates are also available for individuals wanting to enter the medical cannabis industry.

PFC requires employee training for each of the types of certification. This training includes ASA/CTI basic industry training (2 hours), an overview of local laws (1 hour), and an Adherence to AHPA Standards Training (1 hour). ASA/CTI basic training is available online and the other trainings will be given in person around the scheduling of the audit.  PFC is in the process of putting all trainings into an online format.

Everyone completing PFC trainings will receive a certificate of completion and will be notified if additional training is required due to changes in AHPA standards or state and local law.