Maine's Medical Marijuana Laws & Regulations

Voters in the State of Maine enacted the Maine Medical Marijuana Act of 1998 to protect patients who use cannabis medically on the advice of their doctor. In 2002, the Maine legislature approved SB 611, which increased the medical cannabis possession limit for those who could legally acquire medicine under the 1998 act. In 2009, the voters of Maine modified the 1998 act with another initiative, Question 5. Among the most notable changes created by Question 5 were the addition of several qualifying conditions, the creation of a statewide distribution program and a statewide patient registry system. In 2012, the Maine legislature amended the law to provide better patient privacy.

Registration with the Maine Medical Marijuana Program (MMMP) is voluntary and not necessary to have qualified status for legal protections. Patients who possess a medical marijuana registry ID card issued by the Maine Department of Health and Human Services are required to have the card with them whenever they are in possession of cannabis. State law enforcement recognizes the card as proof of patient status.

Patients who are not registered must have their original physician certification form and a Maine-issued photo ID and present both to law enforcement on request. Caregivers are required to register with the MMMP unless the caregiver and patient live in the same household or are members of the same family. Caregivers may not have a criminal conviction and are subject to a background check.

If a patient or caregiver is found in possession of more than the limit set by law, the excess cannabis must be forfeit to law enforcement, but the patient or caregiver may present the medical purpose of the cannabis as a legal defense if charged.

Minor patients must have their parent or legal guardian apply as caregiver on their behalf.


The Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Act 

Question 2 - Approved by Maine 59% voters in November 2009

H.P. 755 - L.D. 1062 (2013) An Act To Add Conditions That Qualify for Medical Marijuana Use

L.D. 726 (2016) Third party testing labs


MMMP Rules (Last revised September 17, 2013)

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