Tell Senator Grassley to Give the CARERS Act a Vote Tell Senator Grassley to Bring CARERS to a Vote

Right now the CARERS Act, the most important piece of legislation addressing medical cannabis is being held up by Senator Chuck Grassley. Senator Grassley needs to hear from medical cannabis patients and caregivers who can tell him how important it is that we pass the CARERS Act.

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Dear Senator Grassley,

The passage of the the bipartisan Compassionate Access, Research Expansion, and Respect States (CARERS) Act (S. 683) would allow state medical marijuana programs to continue without federal interference, move marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule II of the Controlled Substance Schedule, remove the marijuana compound Cannabidiol (CBD) entirely from the schedule, create access to banking services for marijuana businesses in legal states, eliminate the DEA-mandated “NIDA-monopoly” that prevents researchers from obtaining marijuana for clinical studies, and allow Veterans Health Administration physicians to write recommendations in states that have established a medical marijuana program.

Not allowing this piece of legislation a vote, is blocking the democratic process, and going against the 80% of Americans who want medical marijuana to be available as a treatment option. As an American citizen, I ask that you allow the CARERS Act a vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee.



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  • signed 2017-05-25 21:15:57 -0400
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  • signed 2017-05-17 12:00:53 -0400
    I’m disabled & have been cut on my pain meds & I’d like to be able to try medical marijuana to have a better quality of life because now I’m bedridden with the cuts, needing caretakers & it makes me angry, depressed, I feel disrespected, humiliated, hopeless, helpless knowing I used to be able to shower by myself but now can’t, cook n clean for myself but can’t now. It’s not fair the government dictates how much pain we must live in. Thank you for your time and consideration. Have a blessed day.


    Melissa Moran

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    Jo Ardell

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    Jennifer Cameron-Sanclemente

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    Vets with PTSD say it helps them better than anything else. Talk to them. “Charlotte’s Web” is a strain that stops seizures in children. You can find marijuana is on the list of legal medications in Israel. In state senior facilities the seniors choose marijuana for their pain 75% to 25%.

  • signed 2016-12-07 21:25:27 -0500
    We want safe access! No more zombie dope that makes you numb and unable to think clearly. No more having to worry about pain killers that stop your breathing. Give us safe access!!!

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    Retired, disabled permanently by VA and SSDI. So called legal drugs make my PRSD worse. Since becoming a medical Cannabis patient I’ve stopped three so far.

    Alcohol and prescription drugs are more dangerous and make people do dumb stuff. Cannabis calms and mellows and makes me smile and laugh which family thought I forgot how to do!

    We (Veterans) continue dying as politicians continue to line their pockets with their own agenda. Stop thinking about yourself and what you believe. Voters need to turn out for next election in my opinion. Thanks

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    Ken Wilson

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    Please help those in pain who would get much need relief from this. I have a friend who has terminal cancer who has no appetite. This could benefit him and others like him.

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    I will sign, have compassion for the people suffering. Stop putting people in prison for pot, it is not right to ruin their lives over choice. This is a natural god given medication for Iowans too, suffering from pain and cancer, children suffering from seizure, they would rather cut into their brain or let them die. Come on! how sad. I have a brother suffering from cancer treatment damage, it is so wrong! I myself suffer from constant pain from car accidents, none of them being my fault, people not paying attention to their driving. No insurance ever were held responsible for my medical problems. You could say my heart is bitter from the laws in which they have put upon us, Iowa need safe access to this medication. My heart breaks for people suffering, why don’t you all care. It is all about big drug co. running our lives, this is so wrong!

  • signed 2016-11-11 16:27:13 -0500
    Bruce A

  • signed 2016-11-10 01:51:15 -0500
    We must remove cannabis from the listing as a Schedule 1 drug, as it is far too beneficial to the health of America.

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    Steven Kuschner

  • signed 2016-11-07 16:16:12 -0500
    We need more research in order to better understand and administer medical cannabis safely and effectively while minimizing any side effects. There is no published medical body of research to suggest cannabidiol (CBD), a nonpsychoactive cannabinoid with a very favorable/exemplary safety profile in comparison to current over the counter medications and supplements according to a substantial body of published medical journals, should remain as a scheduled subtance or be restricted in use or transportation. Allowing medical marijuana businesses to utilize the federal banking system would create a much safer environment for patients, business owners, and the community in whole, accomplished by removing the current cash only transactions due to this restriction and the subsequent armed robberies that follow, with one occuring in the city in which I lived that resulted in a fatality of a security guard. With this reasoning, I urge you to vote your conscious, in favor of the CARERS ACT, to create more clinical research for more precise medical marijuana use and for the safety of myself and all Americans.

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