Florida Caregiver, Producer and Provider Info

Below is information for the current low-THC program in Florida. Regulations under Amendment 2 will be issued in 2017. ASA will be provide updated information as it becomes available.


SB 1030 is silent on the issue of caregivers, and therefore there are no legal caregiver protections available. It remains unclear how parents and legal guardians of minor patients will be able to acquire and administer low-THC medical cannabis to their children-patients.

Producers and Providers:

SB 1030 sets up a vertically integrated production and distribution system for cultivating and dispensing low-THC medical cannabis in Florida. The law requires that a party interested in becoming a provider must be able to cultivate at least 400,000 plants and must have be currently in business for at least 30 consecutive years. The state Department of Health has issued draft regulations for producers, which will likely be finalized later in 2014.