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Oct 012014

Report: California Has 1.9 Million Very Happy Medical Marijuana Users

Chris Roberts, SF Weekly

Pretty much anyone can access medical marijuana in California, provided they have $40 and 10 minutes to sit with a doctor. And pretty much everyone with a card is getting legitimate medical benefits from cannabis, a new study says.

Oct 012014

A lot of Californians use medical cannabis, it works, and that matters - Americans for Safe Access

Drug and Alcohol Review coverA new study shows that 1.4 million Californians have used medical cannabis and an overwhelming majority of those users (92%) believe cannabis helped treat the symptoms of a serious medical condition. The study, which will be published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Review, challenges the commonly held perception that medical cannabis is being overused by healthy people and demonstrates that California’s medical cannabis laws are providing real relief to a lot of people. This scientific data is important and timely, given that lawmakers, voters, and the courts will be making important decisions in the next two years that will affect who can get medical cannabis and how for years to come. Those choices need to be informed by facts, not misperceptions. 

Read the abstract and buy copies of “Prevalence of medical marijuana use in California, 2012”, Drug and Alcohol Review (2014), DOI 10.111/dar. 12207 here.

Oct 012014

Peer-Reviewed Study Refutes Claims of Widespread Abuse in California's Medical Marijuana Program

Sacramento, CA -- A new landmark study published last week by the peer-reviewed journal Drug and Alcohol Review refutes the long-held belief that abuse of California's medical marijuana law is ubiquitous. The study, "Prevalence of medical marijuana use in California, 2012," is the first time anyone has formally measured such data in the state according to its authors Suzanne Ryan-Ibarra, Marta Induni, and Danielle Ewing of the Survey Research Group at Public Health Institute based in Oakland.

Sep 302014

Wisconsin's first pro-cannabis billboard - Americans for Safe Access


The League of Marijuana Voters launched a billboard Monday that highlights two Wisconsin state senators' obstruction of medical marijuana legalization. The first ever billboard advocating for medical marijuana legislation in Wisconsin is part of a new campaign targeting Senators Leah Vukmir (R-Wauwatosa) and Mary Lazich (R-New Berlin) for preventing passage of a bill that would allow people suffering from debilitating conditions to use medical marijuana if their doctors recommend it. The group is coordinating with the local Southeastern Wisconsin NORML chapter to raise awareness in the Senators' districts.

The billboard, which faces eastbound traffic on I-94 by 121st St. in West Allis, features silhouettes of the two legislators, their names, and their phone numbers. It reads, "WI patients have NO access to medical marijuana," and encourages voters to, "Ask [them] why!" The ad will run from September 29 through November 9. The billboard was designed by a volunteer and paid for by more than 100 individual donors. Planning and fundraising for more billboards around the state are currently underway.

Sep 302014

Is medical marijuana in jeopardy if recreational pot is legal? Some Oregon activists think so

Noelle Crombie, The Oregonian

Alex Pavich is the last person you’d expect to be on the fence about marijuana legalization.

Sep 292014

ASA California Weekly Roundup: September 29, 2014 - Americans for Safe Access

Woman signing petitionContents:

  • Message from the CA Director: There's a lot going on!
  • State & Local News: National, state, and local news from communities all over California
  • Public Meetings & Events: Ventura, Lincoln, Nevada City, and more
  • Court Support: Santa Rosa and more
  • Take Action Now: Tell Riverside County Not to Ban Cultivation
  • ASA Website Spotlight: Medical Cannabis: Voices from the Frontlines
  • Chapter & Affiliate Meetings: Ventura, Yuba County, and Sonoma County

Things may be quiet in the State Capitol right now, but there is a lot going on with medical cannabis in California. Did you know that there are currently twelve campaigns for local ballot measures in ten different cities and counties in the state? Voters will make important choices about medical cannabis in Butte County, Lake County, Nevada County, Santa Cruz County, Shasta County; and in the cities of Encinitas, La Mesa, Santa Ana, and Santa Cruz on November 4.

Sep 252014

Foe-Turned-Friend of Legalization, Attorney General Eric Holder Resigns

David Downs, San Francisco Chronicle

First a foe, then a crucial ally in efforts to tax and regulate adult use of cannabis, Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. will resign, the Justice Department told reporters today.

Sep 242014

Patients and industry win in Nevada - Americans for Safe Access

Medical cannabis patients and industry teamed up to win an important victory in Nevada yesterday. A crowd of more than 100 patients, industry workers, lawmakers, and other stakeholders persuaded the state’s Division of Public and Behavioral Health to abandon plans to limit the number of licensed cultivation facilities authorized under state law.

Law enforcement lobbyist were pressuring the Division to limit cultivation statewide, but Americans for Safe Access (ASA) and other stakeholders told staff that limits would choke off access to medicine for legal patients. Staff listened. There will be no limits on cultivation permits – for now. We will have to stay vigilant to be sure medical cannabis opponents do not keep pushing to roll back safe access in the state. 

Pictured: Serina Choi and Lauren Payne from NLS with me at their office in Las Vegas

Sep 232014

Medical marijuana advocates call for more access in Richmond, creation of task force

Mike Aldax, Richmond Standard

Medical marijuana advocates are calling on the city of Richmond to amend an ordinance to make it easier for dispensaries to open in the city, and to create a task force to monitor them.

Sep 232014

Fear and loathing in Nevada County over Measure S

Patricia Smith, The Union (Op-ed)

Politics can get pretty ugly, so no one should be surprised at the campaign against Measure S. From Sheriff Royal’s refusal to openly debate the issue in a neutral setting to the recent arrest of one of our Executive Committee members, the county has taken dirty politics to a new low.