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Oct 312014

Compassion, Reason over Florida’s Marijuana-Prohibition Status Quo - Americans for Safe Access

yes_on_2.PNGThe following is a segment from an opinion piece published by the PanAm Post. The complete version can be found here.

This election day, voters in Florida will have the chance to improve the health and well-being of their fellow Floridians by approving Amendment 2, a comprehensive medical-marijuana law. If it passes, Florida will become the 24th state in the country to adopt legal protections and create safe access to medical marijuana for patients with a physician’s recommendation.

If it fails, Florida’s patient population will continue to face a difficult dilemma: obey the law and not have access to medicine that works safely and effectively, or face the consequences of obtaining their medicine from an unregulated black market. Patients who could benefit from using medical marijuana under the recommendation of a physician should not be forced to make this decision.

Oct 302014

Help Us Secure Safe Access in Florida - Americans for Safe Access

With the help of advocates and supporters all over the state of Florida, medical marijuana is on the ballot as Amendment 2. However, we still have to win at the ballot box during this election to make safe access a reality for patients in the state.

Early voting is underway all across Florida – click here to find your early voting poll locations.

People support Amendment 2 for different reasons: some have told us it’s because of a family member, such as a child or a parent, suffering from a condition that would (or could) be alleviated by medical marijuana. Others have joined because they believe patients should have a safe alternative to harmful, addicting narcotics. Whatever your reason for supporting Amendment 2, we need to be sure we can count on your YES vote. 

Oct 292014

Mysterious Burglary Leads to Raid on Activist’s Office Space - Americans for Safe Access

Last week, a well-known local activist and small business owner was effectively shut down when Police raided his office, stole his legal medical cannabis and ordered the electric meter removed. Very little explanation was given.

The bizarre story began very early Tuesday morning when unknown thieves attempted to break into a small medical cannabis grow-site in Imperial Beach, CA.  The building, on Palm Avenue in the small beach town, houses several retail shops and a family-owned insurance business belonging to Marcus Boyd. Marcus is Vice Chair of San Diego Americans for Safe Access, and the legal collective cannabis grow he cared for – hidden away in a unused part of the building-  was the site of the attempted break in.

Oct 272014

ASA California Weekly Roundup: October 27, 2014 - Americans for Safe Access

The Farm in West HollywoodContents:

  • Message from the CA Director: No, it's not over yet
  • State & Local News: National, California, Oakland, West Hollywood, Laguna Woods, San Francisco, Mendocino County, San Bernardino County, Lake County, Hanford
  • Public Meetings & Events: Sacramento, Online, Washington DC
  • Court Support: Oroville, Redding, and more
  • Take Action Now: Pardon Dr. Mollie Fry, Support the Medical Marijuana Organ Transplant Act, and more
  • ASA Website Spotlight: Vote Medical Marijuana 2014
  • Chapter & Affiliate Meetings: San Diego

I got a FaceBook message after ASA reported that Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents raided two medical cannabis patients’ collectives in the Los Angeles area on Thursday: “I thought this crap was over???!!” Not yet, I am afraid. Federal interference and intimidation is still a reality in California, and there is reason to believe we will not see a change soon. Outgoing Deputy US Attorney General James M. Cole told the Los Angeles Times earlier this month that raids and other federal pressure would continue until California gets its “regulatory act together.”

Oct 202014

ASA California Weekly Roundup: October 20, 2014 - Americans for Safe Access

Voter registration formContents:

  • Message from the CA Director: Are you ready for November 4?
  • State & Local News: California, Lake County, Mendocino County, Anaheim, San Diego, San Jose, 
  • Public Meetings & Events: Redlands, Fresno, online, and more
  • Court Support: Oroville, Redding, and more
  • Take Action Now: Register to Vote, Support the Medical Marijuana Organ Transplant Act, and more
  • ASA Website Spotlight: Vote Medical Marijuana 2014
  • Chapter & Affiliate Meetings: San Francisco and Nevada County

Today is the deadline to register to vote at your current address for the November 4 election. Are you registered? It matters.

Oct 142014

The saga continues - Americans for Safe Access

2061293_1409785819.0382.jpgLocal media continue to ignore real corruption in Modesto last week, while one local organization steps in to fill the void created by the Modesto Narcotics Enforcement Team (MNET). This branch of the Modesto Police Department, has knowingly stole patients’ medicine for the second year in a row by arresting Stephen Boski of The Healing Connection and confiscating the CBD rich extracts used by families to treat childhood epilepsy among other illnesses.

Collective Patient Resources (CPR) is a community organization that advocates for medical cannabis patients in the tri-county region of Amador, Tuolumne, and Calaveras counties. Their joy is to provide free cannabis medicine to patients with terminal illness while also fundraising for local community needs, like keeping the Valley Springs Youth Center open.

Oct 132014

Wisconsin Patients Receive Oregon Medical Cards - Americans for Safe Access

Dennis Brennan

Forty-eight Wisconsin medical marijuana patients this year got their Oregon medicinal cannabis authorizations at the annual Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Fest. "But wait," you may be thinking. "They live in Wisconsin, not Oregon." That's entirely true -- but according to those in the know, having an out-of-state medical marijuana authorization gives these patients some legal cover should the police come calling.

The authorizations were issued by THCF Medical Clinics at the Harvest Fest as part of something called The Ben Masel Project. Masel was a famous Yippie activist based in Madison who started the Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Fest; he died suddenly from cancer three and a half years ago. "The Oregon permit has saved several people in Wisconsin from arrest," THCF founder Paul Stanford told Hemp News. The fact that Oregon issues permits to out-of-state patients has been helpful to those in Wisconsin and other non-MMJ states, according to Stanford. "This weekend, we helped 48 patients in Wisconsin get Oregon medical marijuana permits, bringing in almost $10,000 in state fees for the Oregon Health Authority," Stanford told us. "Really, the Wisconsin Legislature should act to help its sick and dying patients, and keep those funds in Wisconsin."


Oct 132014

Columbus, WI accepts new ordinance! - Americans for Safe Access

Harvest Day March

After two separate occasions of petitioning the 5,000 residents of the city of Columbus Wisconsin, the small city has decided to implement the ordinance that would decriminalize the use of cannabis for medical patients that are under the care of their doctor. The acceptance of the ordinance wasn't due to signed petitions. The first petition that was circulated in the middle of winter was handed in late therefore nullifying over thirty signatures leaving a deficit of seven signatures. The second petition was circulated in the summer however was compromised with fictitious names and addresses from an opponent who had sent friends to falsify the petition. 

Oct 132014

Do you know what's at stake in November?


  • Message from the CA Director: Do you know what's at stake in November?
  • State & Local News: California, Fresno County, San Jose, Shasta County, Calaveras County, Monterey, Anaheim
  • Public Meetings & Events: San Francisco, Redding, Grass Valley, Lincoln, Nevada City, San Diego, Fresno, Porterville and more 
  • Court Support: Sacramento, Redding, and more
  • Take Action Now: Register to Vote, Support the Medical Marijuana Organ Transplant Act, and more
  • ASA Website Spotlight: Vote Medical Marijuana 2014
  • Chapter & Affiliate Meetings: Nevada County ASA, Lake County ASA, and Sacramento NORML

Be sure to join me online for the next live Google Hangout on Thursday, October 16, at 7:00 PM to talk about local ballot measures and what’s at stake for medical cannabis in the November 4 elections. Voters will decide on twelve measures related to medical cannabis in ten different cities and counties this year. There are important legislative races that will help to define next year’s political landscape and an interesting development in the race for Attorney General (see the News section for more details on that).

Oct 092014

Vote Medical Marijuana Launches New TV Ad - Americans for Safe Access

On_Hold_Youtube_Thumbnail_.jpg has just released a new 30-second online advertisement to launch its survey drive for for this year's election-cycle educational campaign. 

The ad "Don't Leave Voters on Hold", encourages elected officials and candidates to state their position on medical marijuana. 

Watch our latest ad "Don't Leave Voters on Hold