Becoming a patient in Missouri


Under HB 2238, only patients with intractable epilepsy are eligible for legal protections in Missouri. In order for a patient with intractable epilepsy to be enrolled in the program, they must obtain a written recommendation from a neurologist. Patients must be residents of Missouri. To obtain legal protection, patients with a recommendation from their neurologist to treat intractable epilepsy must register with the state Department of Health and Senior Services.

What's Legal

The law attempts to create a system to produce, manufacture, and distribute CBD oil to treat intractable epilepsy; however, the law requires producers to be in compliance with federal law, therefore access seems impossible until changes are made in the either state or federal law. There is a 20 ounce possession limit for extracts, but a waiver is available for patients who required greater amounts.

Eligible conditions

  • intractable epilepsy

Application process

A Missouri resident age eighteen years or older with intractable epilepsy, or a Missouri resident who is the parent or legal guardian responsible for the medical care of a minor with intractable epilepsy, may apply to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services for  a Missouri Hemp Extract Registration Card.  A Registration Card is valid for one year.

The following forms are needed for initial application and annual renewal:

The applicant or current registrant may apply for a waiver allowing for possession of more than twenty (20) ounces of hemp extract by using the following form:


A patient may only obtain a recommendation from a board certified neurologist who is licensed to practice medicine in Missouri.


Patients under the age of 18 may have their parent or legal guardian serve as their caregiver. Patients over the age of 18 do not have a legal right to have a caregiver.


The are no restrictions on where a patient may consume their hemp extract.

Age Limits

Minors may become patients under HB 2238; however, they can only become registered patients if their parent or legal guardian signs and submits their application paperwork.


The law does not create explicit privacy protections for patients.


The law does not create housing protections for patients.


The law does not create employment protections for patients.


The law is silent on whether insurance companies must pay for hemp extract therapy.

Out of State patients

No reciprocity exists for out of state patients under HB 2238. The law protects residents of Missouri who register with the Dept. of Health and Senior Services.

For More information

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