Philippine President bucks son's proposal to legalize medical marijuana use

November 26, 2004

, Sun Star - Manila

'I guess its fair to say that the President is opposed to this legalization,' said Presidential spokesman Ignacio Bunye.

He said the President however would respect the stand of her son just as she respects the opinion of other people no matter how 'diverse and contrary' it is to her own.

'Congressman Arroyo has expressed an independent view, which must be considered and respected like all views expressed in democratic debate. More than anybody else, the President respects his independence and his right to speak his own mind,' Bunye added.

Congressman Arroyo expressed support to plans of Ifugao Rep. Solomon Chungalao to file a bill legalizing marijuana. Chungalao said he is also open to cultivating cannabis in the Banaue Rice Terraces.

The younger Arroyo said what he is in favor of is the regulation and use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. Marijuana use is allowed by some countries for medical purposes as it produces chemicals that ease pain of cancer patients and trauma victims.

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