Grass Valley Dispensary Shut

November 16, 2004

Associated Press, Contra Costa Times

Nevada County sheriff's officials shut down a medicinal marijuana store Tuesday near Grass Valley before it could open for business.

Sheriff Keith Royal said he was notified that the store's owners didn't have the proper permits.

In addition, Royal said he was concerned about the store's location near a bus stop for school children.

The store's neighbors first heard of the planned dispensary when they received fliers notifying them that the store would be selling what Royal called starter plants and marijuana buds. The flier also advertised a 'smoking room,' Royal said.

Officers notified the couple operating the store that they would need to have a permit, Royal said, and the officers persuaded them to consult an attorney.

Randy Wilson, county planning director, said a woman had phoned to inquire about a business permit to sell 'art, books and herbs.'

'They never told us the herb was marijuana,' he said.

California voters approved Proposition 215 in 1996, legalizing the cultivation and personal use of pot for medical reasons. Local governments can choose how to regulate medical marijuana dispensaries, or to ban them altogether.


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