Vermonters Register for Medical Marijuana

October 12, 2004


After a contentious debate in the legislature only about a dozen Vermonters have applied to use medical marijuana.

At the end of this month, Vermonters who qualify will soon be able to smoke pot to help ease pain for certain medical conditions.

The drug's use was legalized earlier this year and the program launches October 29th. So far though, not many have applied to the Department of Public Safety, and even fewer have qualified for approval.

'Currently, we've had about a dozen people call us since the passage fo the legislation.  Of those, twelve perhaps five under the statute would qualify to be registered on the medical marijuana registry,' says Max Schlueter of the Vermont Crime Information Center.

Schlueter speculates that Vermonters may be hesitatant to apply because the program is administered by the Department of Public Safety, but officials do expect more people will apply as the program gets underway.

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