Roseville Medical Marijuana Store Shuts Down

September 30, 2004

, KCRA TV - Sacramento

ROSEVILLE, Calif. -- The owner of Capitol Compassionate Care, Richard Marino, says after Drug Enforcement Agency agents raided his store earlier this month, employees were afraid they would be arrested.

On Thursday, Marino said he could no longer operate the business on his own.

'I don't want any of my employees to go to prison, I don't want to go to prison myself for trying to take care of sick people, but until the federal government decides sick people are worth taking care of in this manner and it's not worth them going to the street to llegally buy stuff of the street, there'e really nothing I can do,' Marino said.

While Capitol Compassionate Care violates federal anti-drug laws, last year, California's legislators approved the growing and selling of medicinal marijuana.

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