Medical marijuana clinic in Bend - Sept. 27th

September 07, 2004,

The Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) has announced that the number of patients legally using medical marijuana in Oregon is over 10,196. Many patients report that cannabis provides relief when other methods and medicines have failed. Posted on the OMMP website, , is a list of the conditions for which patients currently find relief by using medical marijuana. They are

Agitation related to Alzheimer's disease
Seizures, including but not limited to epilepsy Persistent muscle spasms, including but not limited to those caused by multiple sclerosis

Although 1413 doctors have now signed for their patients, others remain afraid or refuse to sign for patients with qualifying conditions.

To assist patients with the application process, Voter Power Foundation sponsors monthly Medical Marijuana Clinics throughout the state of Oregon. The clinic staff, nurse practitioners and doctor are friendly, respectful and professional. They are well trained in regard to the complexities of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program and the application process.

A patient is required to fill out a Medical History Questionnaire and have a copy of their medical records showing a diagnosis for a debilitating medical condition that qualifies for the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP).

Our criteria for acceptable medical records are in accordance to state regulations and are as follows: records must be recent i.e. within the past year in most cases, and from a medical doctor.

Due to the complexities of the OMMP the clinic process is very thorough and can take 2 hours or more to complete. The next Bend clinic is scheduled for September 27th.

For clinic information or to make an appointment, call 503-232-1061.

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