Nevada medical marijuana license issued

August 02, 2004

Associated Press, Reno Gazette-Journal

LAS VEGAS (AP) — A Southern Nevada businessman has become the first in the state to get a medical marijuana license.

Bill Kosinski’s company, Medical Marijuana Consultants of Nevada, will not sell the drug. Instead, the company will advise qualified medical patients on how to obtain it.

Kosinski said he wants to help people better navigate the state’s medical marijuana program. He said it took him more than a year to get a registration card to use the drug to help relieve pain from a back injury he received in a car accident.

After denying Kosinski’s application in June, city officials approved his business license request on Monday.

Jim DiFiore, city Business Services Division manager, said they were originally concerned that Kosinski might be planning to grow or distribute marijuana.

DiFiore blamed confusion over Kosinski’s application on the city’s inexperience with such businesses.

More than 450 people state-wide have been issued registration cards to use marijuana, and 190 doctors have recommended marijuana for their patients, said Jennifer Bartlett, program manager for the state medical marijuana program.

Bartlett said the state does not advise patients “where to get marijuana, how to grow it or where to get a doctor.”

Nevada voters approved a medical marijuana measure in 2000.

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