Stockton Considers Medical Marijuana Store

July 20, 2004


STOCKTON, Calif. -- The decision to make medical marijuana available in Stockton is in the hands of the city council.

The council took up the matter at its meeting Tuesday night, and heard comment from many residents who spoke in favor of opening a store.

Bill Pearce said he'd like to open the city's first medical marijuana dispensary, and that he hopes the city council will realize the health benefits of the drug and disregard the negative stigma.

'If people have visions of people dancing around their homes in tie-dye and dancing to Grateful Dead records playing, they should get that out of their head. We're talking about sick people ... we're not talking about having fun,' Pearce said.

California law gives patients the right to obtain and use marijuana for medicinal purposes, but it's unclear about how they should get the drug.

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