Call for cannabis to be allowed as medicine

July 19, 2004

, The Shropshire Star

A Shropshire MP has launched a bid to legalise the use of cannabis for medicinal reasons.

Wrekin MP Peter Bradley is to table an early day motion in the Commons

The motion calls for doctors to be able to prescribe cannabis as a medicine even though it has yet to be officially approved.

Mr Bradley is being backed in his campaign by former drugs squad police officer Kate Bradley, from Donnington, who suffers with multiple sclerosis.

He has written to the Home Office minister Caroline Flint expressing his dismay at the continuing delays in getting cannabis approved by the drug regulation authority and urging her to authorise its limited production for medicinal use.

'In Kate's case it's a particularly bitter irony that, desperately ill though she is, she's forced to get her supplies on the streets from the kind of people she was locking up when she was fit,' he added.

'I've urged the minister to exercise a little compassionate discretion so that medicinal cannabis can be made available to people like Kate who are in dire need of it.'

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