Medical Marijuana Advocates Eye Race for California Attorney General

November 01, 2010

Mike Hughes, High Times

While national attention is focused on the outcome of California’s Proposition 19, the race for State Attorney General – the top law enforcement officer in the state – could end up being the most important issue on the California ballot today.

As L.A. District Attorney, Republican Attorney General hopeful Steve Cooley has opposed medical marijuana by condoning raids on dispensaries, prosecuting patients and attempting to criminalize the sale of medical cannabis. It is Cooley’s position that dispensaries must be “eradicated.”

On the other hand, Cooley’s opponent in the race for Attorney General, San Francisco D.A. Kamala Harris, has consistently supported California’s medical marijuana laws.

A medical cannabis activist group, Americans for Safe Access, has launched a Web site to help spread the word about Cooley’s record and the danger he poses to MMJ in California.

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