Pot Seized From Two Medical Marijuana Growers

June 02, 2004

Associated Press, KMGH ABC 7 - Denver

DENVER -- Federal drug agents have seized marijuana plants from two Denver-area residents who are registered to grow the plants for medical purposes.

Drug Enforcement Administration officers seized a total of 800 marijuana plants from three homeowners in Denver, Arvada and Adams County, U.S. Attorney's Office spokesman Jeff Dorschner said Wednesday.

Officers are continuing to investigate, and no federal charges have been filed since the plants were seized Tuesday, Dorschner said.

All three growers had more plants than allowed by state law, Dorschner said.

Colorado law authorizes patients to use marijuana for medical purposes, but patients and primary caregivers may possess no more than six plants and 2 ounces of loose marijuana.

Federal law prohibits any marijuana use.

Larisa Lawrence, spokeswoman for Caregivers for Safe Access, which serves patients authorized to use marijuana, said agents took 80 marijuana plants and 12 ounces of loose marijuana from her house.

She said she did not have all of her registration cards on hand.

Lawrence contends that she did not exceed the limit of plants she could have because she is a caregiver providing marijuana for up to 32 patients.

However, the state does not specifically allow for people to provide marijuana to patients authorized to use it.

Lawrence's husband, Thomas Lawrence, said he has severe back pain and is in the process of getting a medical marijuana registration card. He said agents confiscated about $5,000 worth of plants and equipment from the couple's home.

Ken Gorman, an activist who promoted passage of the state's medical marijuana law in 2000, said about 500 Coloradans have medical marijuana registration cards.

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