Marijuana for mom

July 10, 2013

Ngaio Bealum, Sacramento News & Review

You have it easy. Your mom is already familiar with cannabis and may be a little more open-minded about learning more about weed’s medicinal effects. A poll done by AARP in 2004 found that more than 70 percent of adults over the age 45 approved of having access to medical marijuana.

Baby boomers have been rediscovering cannabis over the past few years, but more as a medicine than for recreation. It helps with the aches and pains, it’s a natural sleep aid, and it doesn’t have as many unpleasant side effects as most over-the-counter or prescription medications.

Americans for Safe Access published a booklet about cannabis and aging that might help her consider it as a medication option (read it at:

So, next time you and your mom talk about her health, you could casually mention that marijuana has been shown to be effective at alleviating her symptoms, or you could share the pamphlet from ASA with her. Also, mention that she doesn’t have to smoke. She can try edibles or a vaporizer, or even a salve or lotion if her arthritis is acting up.

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