D.C. educates users about medical marijuana

December 02, 2012

Kelley L. Allen, Insurance & Financial Advisor Webnews

Americans for Safe Access has scheduled a Washington, D.C. town hall meeting to answer questions about implementation of the law passed 15 years ago that allows for cannabis use medicinally.

While the use of marijuana for medical purposes has been approved, it remains a Schedule 1 drug and therefore not covered by health insurance.

The “D.C. Medical Marijuana Patients Forum,” scheduled for Dec. 12 at National City Christian Church, has in its agenda topics such as: eligible conditions for medical cannabis therepy, how to acquire it legally, and how to register as a user.

Those listed as featured presenters include Steph Sherer, executive director of ASA, an advocacy group that promotes the safe and legal use of medical marijuana.

“It’s important to have medical marijuana patients, the ones most affected by the law, be directly involved in the implementation process,” said Sherer. “Patients should not only begin a dialog with their doctors about medical marijuana, they should also clarify their needs and contribute to the development of the program.”

Six cultivators and four dispensaries have been given conditional permits to operate, and expect to do so soon.

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