Should medical marijuana be reclassified? Americans for Safe Access's Sherer on the group's case against the DEA

October 15, 2012

Early Start, CNN

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For the first time in nearly 20 years, the issue of medical marijuana goes before a federal court today. Right now, federal law list marijuana as a Schedule I drug, along with most dangerous drugs such as heroine and LSD, as having a potential for abuse.

Today, medical marijuana advocates will try to change that and reclassify pot so it can be used for treating diseases. The group argues it should be on schedule III drugs, with other more common medications like Vicodin and Tylenol with codeine. Similar attempts have failed in the past. But this time, the advocacy group Americans for Safe Access feels they have a shot.

This morning on "Early Start," Americans for Safe Access's executive director Steph Sherer explains why medical marijuana should be reclassified.

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