Madison City Council Votes for Medical Marijuana

March 02, 2004

Beth Williams , Wisconsin State Journal

Madison's City Council flung itself into a national debate again Tuesday night, passing one resolution supporting gay marriage and another declaring a Medical Marijuana Awareness Week.

The council passed a resolution declaring March 14-21 Madison Medical Marijuana Awareness Week.

'In the face of uncontrollable suffering, marijuana has literally been a godsend,' said Gary Storck, a glaucoma patient and medical marijuana advocate. 'This resolution will send a message that this community thinks it's wrong that under federal and state law, the sick and dying should have to fear the police.'

Ald. Zach Brandon, 7th District, said that the council should not advocate drug use.

'Any week that promotes drug use, be it legal or illegal, is not an appropriate message for this body to be sending,' Brandon said.

The resolution passed, 11-5, with four members absent.

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