CA Assembly Appropriations Committee Approves AB 2312

May 24, 2012

Zach Rosenberg, Kush Magazine

Friday, the Appropriations Committee of the California State Assembly approved AB 2312. The bill was drafted by Assemblyman Tom Ammiano and pushed by 300 lobbyist over last weekend at the Americans for Safe Access' Unity Conference in Sacramento.

The announcement about AB 2312's progress came around 2pm Friday afternoon from ASA's California Director, Don Duncan.

"I am happy to report that AB 2312 was approved by the Assembly Appropriations Committee this afternoon," said Duncan on ASA's Facebook wall. "That means we can proceed to a floor vote in the Assembly. Almost everyone (including me) thought the bill would die in committee today."

Duncan thanked everone for their hard work at the conference, accompanying his message with the photo at the top of the article (click to enlarge it). Another announcement was made later on ASA's website.

Initially, the California State Legislature's website listed the bill as suspended, but Attorney James Anthony told Kush Magazine that he had confirmed directly with Ammiano's office.

The next step for AB 2312 is a hearing in full Assembly.

AB 2312 seeks to "establish a regulatory body to develop and implement statewide standards for medical cannabis (marijuana) cultivation and provision, limit local taxation of medicine, and make banning legal patients' associations harder," according to the ASA.

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